Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Release date, Specs, Price and Rumours


SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

samsung galaxy s9

SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 is just launched and still in a period of pre-order but the rumors about its successor SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 is already trending among the Samsung fans. With the successful launch of Galaxy S8, Samsung once again they proved to be the king when it comes to innovation in designs or technology. Galaxy S8 was launched to overcome the drawbacks of Galaxy S7 and Flop Galaxy Note 7. This blog is dedicated to to Samsung fans and here we are going to update with latest Galaxy S9 news, release date, specs and price details. So, you can bookmark us for all the upcoming rumours and leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S8 with its unique 3 edge design latest snapdragon processor already heating up the smartphone market and rumors about Galaxy S9 added more fuel to the fire. If we compare the Samsung Galaxy S8 with any of the available iPhone, clearly Galaxy S8 wins in the design. Finally, Samsung engineers have done a great job, and it is appreciable. Imagining the next Samsung S9 is little difficult, as Samsung already brought the required tweaks.

A report by Korean tech publication The Investor claims that Samsung and Qualcomm are currently working on the next-generation Snapdragon processor that will power up the Samsung Galaxy S9. Currently dubbed the Snapdragon 845, the chip that users will first see in action in the Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to mark another year for the two tech giants as partners.For the uninitiated, Samsung and Qualcomm worked together for the Snapdragon 835, which is the processor under the Galaxy S8’s hood. Digital Trends notes that the project should be a success since the companies are once again back to the drawing board for the next Snapdragon processor.This partnership also means that the Samsung will get exclusivity of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 before rival companies can use it for their next-generation flagships.

Definitely 2017, is going to be a cakewalk for the Samsung with Galaxy S8 launch, however, we shouldn’t forget that Samsung has suffered a lot after the disappointment of Galaxy Note 7, and now Samsung is ready to beat all of new Galaxy S series. And, the buzz for the next S9 is already making fans crazy.What Galaxy S9 will bring to market is too early to say, but there have been few hardware developments that are just leaked over the web and looks to be present in next Samsung S9.

So here are you can have a sneak peek of the rumors and features of Galaxy S9:

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Samsung Galaxy S9 may run on Android,7.1 Nougat and features a 5.7 inches Super AMOLED (Corning Gorilla Glass 5) 2160 x 3840 pixels display and an Octa Core Processor 6GB RAM Qualcomm Snapdragon processor paired with and 64 GB / 128 GB native storage capacity.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 boasts of a 16MP main snapper at its rear and an 8MP front-facing selfie shooter. There is a Non-removable Li-Ion 4200 mAh battery powering the phone with support for USB USB Type-C and Dual SIM (Nano SIM).



Samsung has surprised the world with the newest designed smartphone, yes we’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8. The most attractive display out of all. Now, if Samsung wants to keep the impression for the next year, we are expecting more than what Galaxy S8 is doing, so Samsung Galaxy 9 display should have to be very special. In past two years, we’ve seen manufacturers had done serious work on bezel-less designs, Samsung and Xiaomi are most successful of all with their respective beasts – Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi Mix. Maybe the next innovation from Samsung will bring the next generation display and it may be the four-edge display configuration to be part of Samsung Galaxy S9.

There was one rumor that has proven to be inaccurate about the Galaxy S8’s that is the position of their fingerprint sensors. It had been thought that Samsung would embed this technology into the handsets displays of S9. The screen of the all new S9 is expected to have 5.5 inches along with the Gorilla Glass 5 whether in the front, or back on both the sides its effects will be there, and furthermost the screen of the device is a little bit curved which is very trendy. It Is Rumored Water Will Bounce Off The Samsung Galaxy S9, i.e it can be waterproof and the pixel power is of AMOLED 401. What’s interesting is Samsung signing deal Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). ORNL is behind some groundbreaking innovation that can be applied to electronic displays. ORNL developed a transparent coating resistant to dust and dirt. On top of that, the coating deflects light away from the screen and leaves no room for fingerprint smudges. If Samsung includes this technology in the Samsung Galaxy S9, the phone will take water resistance to new depths

  • Camera

Probably Samsung S9 will have a dual camera in both front and rear side of the phone. The back camera will have 21MP, and front camera will have 13 MP respectively, there you can get an Auto Focus Face Detection technology to make your capture more real. The video recording will be of HDR qualities. t is expected to have a Dual Tone LED flash and sharp 1.9 aperture that can make your photos more climax and soothing effect in it.

samsung galaxy s9, galaxy s9

  • Foldable display

It seems like a decade has passed since we first saw the video of a Samsung foldable phone on YouTube. What happened, why no foldable phone yet? We can’t honestly answer that, but it seems as though those clamshell designs of the early 2000’s weren’t an option. Instead, the company has preferred to work on the technology aiming for a truly foldable phone and display this could be seen in the GalaxyS9 handsets. A metallic unibody with smooth edges will protect the Samsung’s inner mechanisms from water and other debris. The body will also be built to improve grip compared to other Samsung phones, and it is rumored Samsung might make Galaxy S9 foldable. The ability to fold and bend your screen might sound ultra-futuristic but the Samsung Company have promised to make this real.That means according to the concept of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will bend and twist however you want it to, without breaking any components.

  • Connectivity

If you’re looking for fast network capabilities, rumors have it that the  Samsung Galaxy S9 will be powered by a 1 Gbps LTE Cat16 wireless chip allowing the S9 to take advantage of fast LTE networks, and the upcoming 5G networks. Standard connectivity options such as Wi-Fi cards and Bluetooth adapters are built on the Samsung Galaxy S9’s board. WI-FI will be on board.  A version of Bluetooth 4.2 will be there.

  • NFC (near field communication)

The most thrilling feature of this Smartphone is that it has the NFC which is actually the exceptional feature of this Smartphone. NFC is the Near Field Communication and in this Smartphone, the purpose of NFC is to enable the short-range communications between the devices which are compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+. This NFC will require one transmitting device and another device that will receive the signals from the transmitting device.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will surely enjoy a better and improved artificial intelligence. Samsung acquired an artificial intelligence startup recently, and it is rumored engineers are working around the clock to bring something to rival the Amazon’s EcoDot. Viv, the artificial intelligence company Samsung bought, is a small company making leaps and bounds in artificial intelligence.It will be exciting to see which artificial intelligence does it best because Google bundles their own artificial intelligence in recent Android releases. Samsung has to compete Google’s Smartphones. So that’s why Samsung insert AI platform to win users heart.

  • Battery

All these innovations and advancements wouldn’t mean much without a capable battery behind the scene. The Samsung Galaxy s9 will run a powerhouse of a battery. The expected 5, 000mAH gives the S9 approximately 1, 000 hours of standby time, 47 hours of talk time, 125 hours of audio playing, 11 hours of video play and 11 hours of continuous web browsing. Engineers and technology innovator are continuously working to bring the present impossible thing to alive. Yes, recently in the news it has been leaked that Scientist is able to develop the super capacitor batteries for the gadgets. Samsung is running to get this proprietary technology for their smartphones. And, if it is true then Samsung GalaxyS9 can be the first phone to have it. What is Super Capacitor Battery, in terms of dimensions it will be just like a small paper piece of plastic and semiconductors? And, it will be able to charge in seconds. Imagine, your smartphone Samsung GalaxyS9 working for a whole 24×7. Wouldn’t be very interesting? Well, it won’t only change the future of smartphones, but also the era of computers. A supercapacitor is a not the newest thing, but in a smartphone, this is a really big deal. If Samsung manages to get it into the next S device, then I bet the whole world will run to get this smartphone. Who won’t love a smartphone that charges for a week in just a few seconds?

  • RAM and Processor:

The Samsung S9 is designed to be a powerhouse. To complete the image, Samsung is expected to cram a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor. If you are familiar with mobile processors, you might know the predecessor of the Snapdragon 830, the Snapdragon 810, was a bit of a letdown. It is heard that Qualcomm had made up for everything with the 830.It’s based on a 10nm chip, making it the first processor to use that architecture. Qualcomm’s homegrown Kyro cores on Snapdragon 830 will drive performance up while lowering power drain. The processor can support up to 8GB of RAM in Samsung Galaxy s9.The processor will be paired with an Adreno 540 GPU, essentially turning the Samsung Galaxy s9 into the mainframe of smartphones. The CPU and GPU combo will let the S9 run the most demanding apps and games without breaking a sweat because of the ample 6GB of RAM at its disposal.

  • Storage

It is excepted to be a 128 GB internal memory with an expandable MicroSD slot.

  • Security

A fingerprint scanner is definitely a must on the Samsung Galaxy S9. However, as mentioned earlier, there’s a very high chance that the device cameras will be capable of more than just taking pictures. We expect an iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy s9 making it even more secure. You can look away important files in your file and use your eyes to access them.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+: Full Specifications

It’s going to amazingly fast smartphone with high-end specifications and features. Presently there are no solid leaks regarding Samsung S9 and S9+. We are going to update you with all the rumored specs, with complete specs table here.

Smartphone Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9+
Display 5.7-inch Infinity display
4k Resolution
6.2 inch Infinity Display
4k Resolution
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 6, IP68 Corning Gorilla Glass 6, IP68
OS Android O Android O
GPU Adreno Adreno
Processor Exynos / Snapdragon Exynos / Snapdragon
Storage 64, 128, 256 GB Storage 64, 128, 256 GB Storage
Camera 16MP primary  f/1.7 aperture,
8MP front camera
16MP primary  f/1.7 aperture,
8MP front camera
Price 849$ $949
Battery 3000 mAh  3600 mAh

## So, above you have seen some spectacular features and specifications of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. Below we have detailed rumors and details of this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Concepts, Images, and designs

The upcoming Galaxy S phablet is going to be quite different in design. There are already many rumors about it eg. it can have a foldable display, or an improved Galaxy S8 design with more thinner, lighter and easy to hold a smartphone. Below we have some recently leaked Galaxy S9 Concept images. Hopefully, Samsung will take these into consideration and bring beautiful S9 & S9+ smartphone.

Samsung S9, s9+, galaxy S9 concepts, Galaxy S9 images, Samsung s9 designs

galaxy s9+ images, galaxy s9 photos, Samsung galaxy s9, samsung, galaxy


These days nothing comes cheap then why Samsung will come for cheap. But for sure, it will be cheaper than latest iPhone the market. Set your hopes that Samsung won’t go beyond $850- $1000, and will actually keep Galaxy S9 price below iPhone 7S Plus. As for a release date, if the Galaxy S9 doesn’t end up being the foldable smartphone of the future, we would expect a 2018 release. Probably sometime around March or April, which pretty much follows Samsung’s usual pattern.

We have listed the coolest expected features of the Samsung Galaxy_S9 that surely blow your mind. Keep it in mind that these features are just rumors. There is no official announcement about Samsung GalaxyS9. We are going to update you with latest Galaxy S9 news here. Stay tuned with us and if you have any query regarding upcoming Samsung S9 smartphone do comment it down. Also if you found us informative, do like and share us using below social buttons.

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